Bill Gates has proposed that people who have recovered from or received a vaccination against the Corona Virus should receive a digital identification certificate to prove that they are virus free.

Israeli group seeks to construct Messianic royal crown
Organization hopes that involving people from every nation in the project will hasten the coming of the Messiah
Special edition Third Temple coin minted for Israel’s 70th anniversary
New commemorative coin featuring US President Trump and Cyrus to garner support for Third Temple
High Priest chosen by the Sanhedrin
High Priest is chosen by Sanhedrin, temple service could recommence in a week if permitted
Temple Institute rehearse Passover 'sacrifice' on Mount of Olives
Full dress rehearsal of Passover sacrifice enacted by descendants of the sons of Aaron.
Temple Institute compiling list of priests eligble for conducting offerings
The Temple Institute begins the second stage of the recommencing of the sacrificial system.
Water emerging from the stones on the Temple Mount
Water source still unknown, some Jews believe it is coming from the foundation stone of the Temple, and could be a sign of the coming of Messiah
The Word

Unless one is born again
The spiritual condition of man is dire and unless we take the grace of God that He has offered through His Son Jesus Christ we will perish.
The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ
Our Lord's grace is all sufficient and His strength is made perfect in our weakness.
The Price for being a Disciple of Christ
There is a price to pay when you become a follower of Christ. The world will hate you and not consider you as normal.
What is hindering you to believe?
Receiving Jesus Christ into our heart is the most important decision one would make in their lifetime. Without this decision there is no redemption and no eternal life.
Vanity of vanities
Every materialistic achievement will perish and it is vanity of vanities. True wealth in the one in the kingdom of God which lasts for eternity.
Behold the Lamb of God
Every man will make one of the two decision before leaving this life. Those who receive Christ will receive life eternal.